It's Monday!
Don't forget to be awesome.

Monday is the perfect day to correct last week's mistakes and omissions!

My wish for you on Monday - Monday Quotes

Mondays would be better at the Beach.

Monday gold rule:
Do not leave your smile and good mood at home.
Have a very happy week!

Monday Mornings Quotes

Morning everyone starts their own way, but clearly we can say that you have an opportunity to get more from today. Just start reading WowSayings and share these funny quotes with friends on Facebook or in WhatsApp.

Monday has been cancelled.
Go back to bed.

Monday Morning Quote: Rise up and see the bright opportunity

The real fact:
The greatest force of gravity is your bed on Monday morning.

Read more Monday Morning Quotes with pictures and soon the luck will haunt you

Monday Sayings and Pictures

Some amazing facts about Monday in pictures and images for those who love or hate this day. Be impressed by how exciting could be your day.

Sayings about Monday: Look for something good in every day

Look closely at the present you are constructing.
It should look like the future you are dreaming.

Alice Walker

Be the good reason someone smiles today.

Want more motivation and inspiration? Then go ahead on Monday Sayings with pictures and be blessed.

Monday Quotes with pictures

Share the best collection of pictures and images with quotes that will accompany you throughout the day and let your whole week will be positive and happy. We hope that, if you hate this day, soon you'll love it.

It's not bad, if you start day with a grateful heart and do what you really love.

If I was a President,
All Mondays would be changed to a national holidays!

I want to return Mondays - Monday Quotes and Sayings

Monday is like a math task - Monday Quotes and Sayings

Dear Monday, I strongly dream about Friday - Monday Quotes

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Monday Quotes pictures and images

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